Our Species include White Oak, Red Oak, Poplar, Ash, Hickory, Walnut, Cherry and many other sought after species. 

our approach

Winston Hardwood, Inc.

who we are

Winston Hardwood, Inc. is one of the Southeast’s largest hardwood lumber manufacturers, distributors and exporters of hardwood lumber. We provide NHLA grade hardwood lumber and proprietary grade hardwood lumber products. As well as industrial timbers for the oil field, railroad and mining industries.

highest quality hardwoods

The company continues to expand with the latest technology and equipment to be as precise, productive and efficient as we can. To ensure for our customer base, well manufactured, quality shipments of our fine hardwood lumber year round.

Winston Hardwood is rich with experienced Managers and employees, some of which are NHLA Certified Lumber Inspectors.  They oversee with pride the manufacturing of top quality Southern Appalachian hardwood. We ensure quality for every order. 

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